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I am currently a Financial Analyst in the Finance - Decision Support group of the University of Virginia Health System.

My job as a Financial Analyst includes use of the Hyperion ( Oracle) Essbase,  Reports, and Analyzer software... as well as Access databasing, & other Financial software  to analyze and improve the processes which enhance cash flow for the University of Virginia Health System.

Blue Ridge Numerics 2005
I worked for 2 months as a Software Contractor... analyzing, documenting and porting their CFdesign product from Visual Basic .Net
to UNIX Solaris:SunOS,  HP:HP_UX, and IBM:AIX  “target” operating systems. 
That effort involved my determining what the process was and creating "BASH" shell scripts
to "Make"; compile, build, and integrate the pieces of in-house and 3rd-party software... and produce the various UNIX versions of the CFdesign product.
I created processes, guidelines, and documentation which did not previously exist.

Biophile, Inc. /  Tekcel, Inc. 2003...2004
I worked from May 2003 to Oct 2004 for Biophile ... until it was taken over by Tekcel  which, after a few months, did a 30% reduction-in-force.
My work at Biophile involved analysis and improvement of the mechanical and software operations of the automated minus-80degreeC Biotechnical vial storage system and especially its robotics. The robotics initially used an Adept robot arm to move rack and individual vials. The robotics were changed to Yamaha for better software integration and performance. I designed and implemented new features into the Biophile Storage Unit (BSU) application software using Visual Basic 6. My work also included analyzing and writing code for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC),  Smart Motors, and  databases.
I also implemented finger print recognition for user access to the "touch screen" interface of the Biophile product.
I was instrumental in the installation of Biophile systems at Merck ( Seattle, WA) , Eli Lilly (Indianapolis, IN), and The Institute for Genomic Research (Rockville, MD)

General Electric & GE Fanuc  ......2002
NO!  I'm still NOT Retired!

Thirty five years of GE pension qualification service...  I had had a recent patent filing and was a runner up in the GE Industrial Systems patent contest. My patent contest category (Customer Service) was won by a group of engineers from Research and Development. I was also the Area 5 "New Elfun of the Year 2000" having created and maintained one of the first ELFUN volunteers web sites. That web site also won a 2000-01 "Best Chapter Web Site" 2000-01award for the Charlottesville ELFUNs. I served on the ELFUN board of directors and was, for many years, the VP of the Employees Activity Club. That position involved everything from helping organize events to picking up the trash after the picnics. Since I started at General Electric at the age of 19, I was effectively raised by my GE family and took hundreds and hundreds of hours of classes within GE, local colleges, and training classes in Mass. & Ore. Those courses ranged from Accounting, Supervision, Computer Design, Automation Design... to more specific classes and self training in software systems and languages ( PERL, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, C, C++, C#, Visual C++, MS Windows; Windows .Net, FrontPage, etc. etc, etc. ). I also completed 30 hours of Nihongo (Japanese) language reading and speaking classes.



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